This is a complete waste of time for you. You don't care about BIG SUGAR VICTORIOUS. You are indifferent to BIG SUGAR VICTORIOUS. BSV is a noise / lo-fi / plunderphonic sound artist. I am so disorganized I need this blog to keep myself glued together

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

Split with Seism

Seism is a Canadian Noise artist. He has over 200 net releases at here.

I did a split with him for his netlabel kHz Media under the name I8X8X888ET. My piece was called A Fluffernutter Container Filled With Human Excrement. I got the idea for this title from watching a story on Court TV about a prison that had a wing for mentally disturbed inmates. Apparently, one of the inmates threw this at a guard.

For some reason, this item was removed from If I can find a copy, I will make it available.

Opsound Submission

I have a submission to Opsound called State Fair. It is also on
It is a recording of the livestock tent at the Florida State Fair. I "folded" the recording by cutting the second half and layering it over the first in the opposite channel. The result is pretty choppy but you may still enjoy it.

20kbps Submissions

I have submitted pieces to the netlabel 20kbps. Give them a listen! The 20kbps netlabel is cool because instead of the normal 128-192 kbps bitrate for their MP3s, their bitrate is 20kbps or less. The quality is diminished but the music has a certain neat novelty to it. Sort of like 8mm film as compared to Hi-Definition video. My submissions are:

Forces of Darkness

High Adventures at Lo-Fidelity

One Car, One Tape Recorder, One Delay Pedal

I have also submitted smaller pieces to 20kbps compilations:

Pink Party and Bitrate- How Low Can You Go?

Split / Collaboration with Rasmussen

I did a split with John Rasmussen on the Swamp of Pus label. Check out their label. They have very good DIY music and noise. John Rasmussen also makes music as Page 27 . The track listing is:

1. BSV- Peace Land Bread
2. BSV- For Years, Astrology Was TBDR of the Sciences...Not So Good
3. BSV- Stupid Flounders Give Apes the Vote...You Wont Regret It
4. Rasmussen- Toooute
5. Rasmussen- Mud
6. Rasmussen- DalekDub

The song titles from my part of the split came from a piece of scratch paper I found at the local public library. Those three things were written on it in pencil.

The first Big Sugar Victorious CD

BSV-001 Whipped Cream, Yes...Nuts, No

This is the first Big Sugar Victorious CD release. It is on the awesome Smell the Stench label, which everyone should check out.
It is not actually available through contact with the label. I have copies of the CD and Leigh sent me the label identifier and cover artwork based on the BSV logo I e-mailed to him. Let me know if you want a copy. The track listing is as follows:

1. Intro- w.geo (0:22)
2. Sticky, Viscous Gel (4:48)
3. Patented, Comfortable (6:35)
4. Forces of Darkness (15:09)
5. Washii (15:13)
6. Untitled (1:19)

I refuse to accept any copyright protection. You can sample and rework whatever you want from anything I do. Just let me know what you did. I would like to hear it. net label

I have started a netlabel on here:

This netlabel generally consists of DIY stuff I did years ago and still had the tapes of. Other irrelevant junk is thrown in too.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Floppyswop submission

I have uploaded a track to floppyswop. It can be downloaded here:

Check out the rest of the floppyswop website. It has some really great stuff