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Monday, February 12, 2007

Split / Collaboration with Rasmussen

I did a split with John Rasmussen on the Swamp of Pus label. Check out their label. They have very good DIY music and noise. John Rasmussen also makes music as Page 27 . The track listing is:

1. BSV- Peace Land Bread
2. BSV- For Years, Astrology Was TBDR of the Sciences...Not So Good
3. BSV- Stupid Flounders Give Apes the Vote...You Wont Regret It
4. Rasmussen- Toooute
5. Rasmussen- Mud
6. Rasmussen- DalekDub

The song titles from my part of the split came from a piece of scratch paper I found at the local public library. Those three things were written on it in pencil.


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