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Friday, May 11, 2007

Tampa Noise Fest 28 days away

The Tampa Noise Fest is 28 days away. I am working on putting together something with my crappy equipment. What mixing board I have only has two regular stereo inputs and two inputs for phonographs. I may have to use Y-adapters for the rest. Low-low rent indeed!


May 4 @ Transitions Art Gallery

Multi-group gig at Transitions was awesome. You can find pictures and reviews here:

Jen Sandwich is a superb photographer. Her pictures of this and other noise shows festivals are incredible.
Sometimes very realistic and captivating, sometimes surreal with multiple exposures and other creative techniques. Visit her flickr pages and check them all out!

The gig itself was very enjoyable. The balance was certainly there with great folk singing one minute (Real Live Tigers and Lightning Paw) and bone crushing punk rock the next (Monarcs and Resi Noth). Toward the end as an added treat, Hal McGee and Ironing collaborated on a piece utilizing several tape recorders and Ironings bag of toys which included a Fisher Price Record Player without the records. Very wild and trippy. Hal punctuated the performance by throwing the cassettes out into the crowd when they were finished playing!!
The final act of the evening were two girls named Rose and Lily playing together under the name Inertia. They were a giddy conclusion to the evening's show and were very likeable.